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Dear Sales Tax Payer,
    Pay Your Tax Online is owned by IMS Enterprises, Inc. (www.imsenterprises.com) located in Florence, Alabama. We provide tax payment and internet services to counties throughout the State of Alabama. Fees charged on www.payyourtaxonline.com are used to pay the banks, internet services, and our live customer service for you. We are a business just like you and have tailored this service to assist you pay your taxes. The county receives no revenue and benefits marginally from our service. The real winner is you. We provide an easy to use payment service, a historical record, a reminder notice, no charge zero return, and best of all a “file and forget it” capability. Funds are not removed from your account until the due date. Please give us an opportunity to make our service work for you. We appreciate any feedback you might provide on how we might improve.

Rudy Kaldi
General Manager

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